Strategic Initiatives

Building a Shared Future: the Uawanui Sustainability Project

The Uawanui Sustainability Project is a community-led initiative that aims to achieve long-term economic, environmental and social benefits. Allan Wilson Centre participants will work with Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti and the Uawa Tolaga Bay community to explore opportunities for an integrated approach to sustainable land management and restoration across the Uawa River Catchment.

Developing the vision for long-term sustainability will involve working with the entire range of sectors in the area, including forestry companies, sheep, beef and cropping farmers and the larger community itself. The Uawanui Sustainability Project embodies the strong theme that has been developed through Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti and the Uawa Tolaga Bay community working together around the Transit of Venus commemoration of ‘Dual Heritage – Shared Future.’

Key Benefits

  • Developing generic principles which can be tailored to similar projects in other communities – involving an integrated approach where environmental, economic, social and cultural matters are considered together
  • Improving the future outlook for the natural environment and biodiversity across the Uawa River Catchment

Groundtruth (formerly PA Handford & Associates Ltd) have been engaged by the AWC to work with, and assist, the community to develop a broad scale sustainability plan for the area. Visit their website to learn more about the project.