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Using Geneious

Geneious is a software program which is widely used in biological research. It is a popular program for performing many types of analysis, including those of evolutionary relationships.

If you have not done so already, please download and install Geneious on your computer. A basic version is available for free. Then, please spend a few minutes to explore the ways in which Geneious can be used to display and analyse genetic sequences. Then please return to your research project.

Statement of Conflict of Interest
Geneious® is a product of Biomatters Ltd. Some members of the Allan Wilson Centre have a financial involvement in Biomatters. The author of these pages (Howard Ross) has no financial involvement. The Geneious application has been chosen for practical reasons, but there are other free or proprietary software applications which could have been used to perform the same analyses. The use of Geneious in this activity does not constitute an endorsement of Geneious or Biomatters by the Allan Wilson Centre.

Download and Install Geneious
Geneious is a bioinformatics program. The Geneious basic version can be used for free. Download and install the version appropriate for your computer now. When you are finished with the installation, return to this point.

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Get Familiar with Geneious
The Geneious screen (below) has several areas or panels. Folders and other sources of data are listed in the left-hand panel. In the middle the documents are listed (above) and displayed (below). For some types of documents, there is an accompanying set of display options. By adjusting these options, you can achieve several different views of the same material. On the right is the tutorial and help panel. Each panel, except the list of documents, can be hidden or revealed by clicking the little orange arrows.

The tutorials folder contains several sequence documents. Spend a few minutes to investigate how the display options can alter the way the sequence is displayed.