Where did I come from?

Using FigTree

FigTree is a free software program for displaying evolutionary trees.
If you have not done so already, please download and install FigTree on your computer. It is developed and maintained by Andrew Rambaut, at The University of Edinburgh, and is provided for free as a service to the scientific community.

Download and Install FigTree
FigTree is a program for viewing and manipulating phylogenetics trees. Download and install the version appropriate for your computer now. When you are finished with the installation, return to this point.

DOWNLOAD NOW (opens a new window)

Get Familiar with FigTree
The FigTree screen (below) has several areas or panels. On the left are several options for changing the view of the tree, including changing line thickness, fonts and image magnification. At the top there are buttons for choosing the Selection Mode, for selecting parts of the tree. Once a part of the tree is selected then you can colour it. The Taxa button lets you choose the labels at the ends of the branches (shown in blue). The Clade button lets you choose all the branches with the same common ancestor (shown in red). The Node button is for choosing individual branches, or their preceding nodes, in the tree (shown in green).


Many of the functions of FigTree are also available in the Pro version of Geneious.

A peek at the tree of phylogenetic relationships among humans


A peek at the coloured tree of phylogenetic relationships among humans


A peek at the tree of phylogenetic relationships among humans

Obtained using mtDNA sequences from the control region of the genome.