What is a Quagga?

Plan the Analysis

A phylogenetic analysis is a form of experiment. Before you begin the analysis you need to think about what hypotheses of relationship you wish to investigate. The conclusions you will be able to make depend very much on how the analysis is designed.

The things that need to be decided before any lab or computer work is done include:

  1. What relationships are being tested?
    What organisms are potentially related to the species of interest?
    Which species will be used as the outgroup to form the point of reference?
    What do you think are the appropriate animals to include in this study?
  2. How will the relationships be estimated?
    Which gene regions will be sequenced?
    How will sequences be obtained?
    What statistical analysis will be used to estimate the phylogenetic tree of evolutionary relationships?

    You will see a bit later what Allan Wilson's group chose to do.
    Proceed with the Research Plan.