Our Research

Allan Wilson Centre scientists undertake innovative, world-class research into New Zealand and Pacific plant and animal life, and human history, with a commitment to securing the future of our biodiversity, and improving human and environmental health through local engagement. We optimise the skills and knowledge of New Zealand’s finest evolutionary biologists, ecologists and biomathematicians for national benefit, through our collaborative network and combined resources.

The work of the Centre has two main Research Themes:
1. Genomics & Biomathematics

  • Developing cutting-edge genomic bioinformatic and biomathematical technologies for New Zealand
  • Using new genetic knowledge for molecular ecology and evolution
  • Analytic and predictive modelling in ecology and evolution

A complete list of the projects for 2014/2015 is available here

2. Biodiversity & Human Impacts

  • Biodiversity knowledge and strategy for New Zealand
  • Tracing the origins and histories of the peoples and biota of New Zealand and the Pacific
  • Genetic studies on human and wildlife health in a changing environment

A complete list of the projects for 2014/2015 is available here

The two Research Themes are often packaged into our Strategic Initiatives - follow this link to find out about our current major projects.

Sharing our research results and insights with both the national and international scientific community, and the New Zealand public, is very important to us. Visit the ‘Resources’ page for details of scientific publications, educational resources, and Pheno, our AWC newsletter.

Our Research – Economic Benefit to New Zealand

Economic Benefit to New Zealand from Allan Wilson Centre Activity

A 2013 review of the economic benefit of Allan Wilson Centre activity was completed by ADM Consulting Limited. Their report, which may be accessed here, concludes that research and projects carried out by centre researchers have “the potential to realise direct and indirect economic net benefits for the New Zealand economy and society in general”.

Further information

 Economic Benefit to NZ from Allan Wilson Centre Activity