NZ Ancestry Study to sample the DNA of London expats

Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith (University of Otago and Allan Wilson Centre) is going to London in June to collect 200 DNA samples from ex-pat New Zealanders

These will complete her 2000 sample ancient ancestry study of New Zealanders, which will map the diverse origins of our people and their different journeys to Aotearoa/New Zealand. Her research project, entitled The Longest Journey – from Africa to Aotearoa, is funded by a James Cook Fellowship and the National Geographic Genographic Project, and supported by the Allan Wilson Centre.

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 Media Release London (19 May 2015)

 The diverse origins of our people map

 2015 International Lecture Series

Ancient DNA: Secrets from the past talk by Dr Craig Millar

Free talk in Nelson and Queenstown

Early forensic and ancient DNA methods could only recover small amounts of DNA information from relatively large quantities of well-preserved tissue. From these humble beginnings, ancient DNA research has now developed into a well-established research field used by biologists, geologists and anthropologists. Recent advances in DNA sequencing methods have led to the retrieval of entire ancient genomes from the extinct New Zealand moa and Egyptian bird mummies. In his talk, Dr Craig Millar will outline this ever-advancing research field and discuss how it has allowed us to unlock some of the best-kept secrets of our recent past.

Public talks, NELSON: Old St Johns, 320 Hardy Street, Tuesday 26 May, 6pm
QUEENSTOWN: The Rees Conference Centre, 377 Frankton Road, Wednesday 27 May, 5.30pm

Further information
 Ancient DNA: Secrets from the past talk Flyer

2015 AWC International speaker series

We are pleased to announce that we have secured four top scientists:

Scott Edwards (Harvard University):

6-20 August 2015 – Bird evolution: from dinosaurs to DNA

Tom Higham (Oxford University):
14-25 September 2015 – When Neanderthals and modern humans (and Denisovans) met: human evolution from 60,000 – 30,000 years ago

Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard University):
15-20 October 2015

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