Advisory Committees

International Scientific Advisory Panel

The Allan Wilson Centre International Scientific Advisory Panel is comprised of international researchers of world-class reputation with expertise in areas relevant to the Centre's research programme. Their role is to provide the Governance Board and Research Committee with advice and information on scientific, technical, research and related matters. Current Panel Members are:

Professor Fred Allendorf
Regents Professor Emeritus,University of Montana

Professor Rebecca Cann
Professor, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology,University of Hawaii

Professor Jenny Graves
Distinguished Professor, La Trobe Institute of Molecular Science,La Trobe University

Professor Ary Hoffman
Professor, Department of Genetics & Department of Zoology,University of Melbourne

Professor Daniel Huson
Professor of Algorithms in Bioinformatics,Universitat Tubingen

Professor Stephen Sarre
Professor in Wildlife Genetics,University of Canberra

Professor Arndt von Haeseler
Head of Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna (CIBIV),University of Vienna

Professor Chris Simon
Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,University of Connecticut

Research Committee

The Allan Wilson Centre Research Committee provides advice and support to the Director in relation to the centre's research activity. The current membership is:

Professor Hamish Spencer
Regents Professor Emeritus,University of Otago

Professor Nigel French
Massey University

Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith
University of Otago

Associate Professor Richard Newcomb
NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research

Professor Mike Steel
University of Canterbury

Professor Charles Semple
University of Canterbury

Dr Craig Millar
University of Auckland

Teacher Advisory Committee

Barbara Mavor
Ed Review Office

Dr Azra Moeed
VUW College of Education

Terry Burrell
Onslow College